Cold Weather Roses

Cold Weather Roses is the story of Elijah Bennett, a former student at the prestigious Mondale College in Atlanta, GA. After being expelled from school, Elijah found himself broke, homeless and out of options. On one of the coldest nights of the year, Elijah decides to end his life. Instead of waking up in the hereafter, he finds himself in the psychiatric ward of a local Atlanta hospital. It is there that he meets Dr. Valerie Stapleton, a young and energetic psychiatrist, who offers him a stay at Rose Hill, a mental facility for teenagers and young adults that practices an experimental horticulture therapy. During his time at Rose Hill, Elijah’s life becomes intertwined with Medina Rose, a New Orleans native and Katrina evacuee who sought refuge in Atlanta but became forced into prostitution. With the help of Dr. Stapleton, they both face the demons in their past while also understanding the true meaning of friendship, trust and the trials of life.

Cold Weather Roses is a book about life, love and the limitations we put on ourselves and those around us. This novel is about redemption and rebuilding and is intended to give a voice to those who are seeking a change in their lives no matter how trivial or extreme it may seem. Those who read this book will be taken on a journey. Just like the characters in this novel, the reader will be taken through some of the harsh and almost unbearable situations that many of us have faced in our lives. In later chapters, the reader will begin to see the transition and progress in the lives of these characters and in their own way, see life through the eyes of those we often turn a blind eye to. The characters in this novel speak to everyone’s ability to change, grow and overcome.

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